Is HIPAA Really Respected in Healthcare?


In a number of ways, HIPAA’s security and privacy rule and electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) standardization makes the spread of Internet applications in medicine, a secure and safe process.  

 It is very crucial that the integrity of private and protected data of the patient is maintained and it should be an organization’s priority. A lot of personal and important data pertaining to health is stored massively on healthcare systems. One must know if our data is protected and what measures are being taken by the organization to conserve it. HIPAA becomes all the more relevant when we talk about such aspects. 

Health care clearing houses, health care providers who transfer health information have certain regulations to abide by. When the rules and regulations are not adhered to, not only do they pose a problem to the patient, but also the organizations and companies who deal with such sensitive data, which further results in hefty penalties and fines on the respective organizations. Those that have seen the real problems that privacy violations create for patients often understand the protection of privacy is about patient care, not just regulations. 

When we talk about HIPAA actually being respected in the healthcare or not, then it is important to consider that all the business associations would refrain away from not just paying the fine but also do not like to keep their reputation on stake. They take HIPAA seriously and not for granted owing to the impact or repercussion on their business. For other, the reasons might vary and they may not take it seriously. While some of the organizations may take HIPAA with a lot of seriousness, the others may just ignore it and consider it as an unnecessary hindrance or burden.

All in all, the respect that the organizations show towards HIPAA compliance is directly proportional to the audits, the intensity of the breach and the impact of the same on the business. Respecting HIPAA and its regulations also depend on the size of the organization. It is comparatively easy for a small organization to keep the data safe and protect the integrity of the sensitive information pertaining to the patient. When we talk about a vast organization, there are a few setbacks for them to totally comply with the Security and Privacy Rules. When we talk about threats and invasions like cybersecurity, HIPAA is widely respected from that perspective.

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